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Proper Garage Door Maintenance

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A garage door is a wonderful piece of equipment that can keep a vehicle and other items safe within a garage. When a garage door is working properly, it can be easy for people to take it for granted. However, a garage door can become a pain if it is not working correctly. Garage owners who do proper maintenance on a garage can help ensure that potential issues do not arise at all.

Check the Sensors
One of the first things to consider when doing maintenance work on a garage door is to check the sensors. If the unit was made after January 1, 1993, a garage door will have sensors on each side of the door that will prevent it from going up or down when something has obstructed one of the sensors. It can be very good to test the sensors in order to be sure it is working correctly. When the garage door is open, try shutting it, but place a solid object in front of one of the sensors. If the garage door stops going down and goes up, it indicates that the sensors are working well. If the unit does not do anything, it can indicate that there is a mechanical problem that requires a professional technician to take care of the situation (1). Make sure there are no spider webs or other small things that can blog the sensors from working effectively.

Lubricate the Right Places
A squeaky garage door is irritating and can indicate that parts of the unit need assistance. Use a silicon spray and direct it at the hinges of the unit. After doing the hinges, take a look at the spring to be sure that it is lubricated. A spring that does not have the lubrication it needs can prevent a garage door from working. A few sprays can do wonders in terms of keeping parts lubricated. Not only that, but the squeaky noises can disappear (2 and 3).

Check the Batteries and Lights
Another way to check on the maintenance of a garage door is to test the batteries and light bulbs of a garage door. It is frustrating when a garage door opener no longer operates. Besides this, it can be understandable when people get angry when the security code to the garage door does not work. Therefore, make sure that batteries stay fresh. Although it may not seem necessary, be sure to change batteries once a year. A new battery can keep a unit working well.

A garage door can work efficiently for many years. Although it may take some time to do some annual maintenance, the work that is done is quite beneficial. It can provide people with the peace of mind they need when they learn of people who have garage door problems. If there is a situation, it can be addressed. Teenagers and older adults can do beneficial garage door maintenance. The key is to do it consistently.


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