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Counter Rollup

Give your retail space a distinct but delightful appearance with the counter rollup for commercial space. Garage Door Solutions boast of multiple styles of counter relapses which are perfect for malls, department stores, grocery outlets and industrial establishments. We give business proprietors from areas within Dallas Fort Worth Texas a multitude of choices at the most affordable prices.

What are Counter Rollups?

The rollup doors are heavy-duty and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The doors have metal laths which are interconnected and create an axis that rolls up in a taut coil. This spiral is fastened to an overhead structure. These are attached to scaffolds down the flanks allowing the opening to move upward and downward without difficulty.

Why Counter Rollups?

Functionality and Durability – Our counter rollups have been manufactured specifically for commercial and industrial purposes. We believe that the mechanisms of these rollups must be well-built since these are opened and closed several times daily. The door is highly durable and designed to provide security in high-traffic urban centers. • Variety – We have an assortment of designs that meticulous entrepreneurs can easily choose from for their businesses. • Excellent Service – Garage Door Solutions’ team of highly skilled technicians can install and repair these doors in any establishment in Dallas Fort Worth Texas and neighboring areas.

Why Garage Door Solutions?

Garage Door Solutions has been in this trade of fabricating rollup doors for different kinds of commercial shops and industrial facilities. We guarantee you, our customers, only the finest craftsmanship, strong materials and knowledge of different designs. It is our desire to provide you with seamless service and make sure that you get the perfect products and satisfaction you truly deserve.