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Clopay Garage Doors Openers

Offers Solutions for Homes and Business

In the field of residential garage door manufacturing, some names are more preferred than others. Clopay is one of the most trusted brands in the production of high end garage openings for residential properties and homes. They also offer coiling steel doors and overhead sectional garage openings for commercial and industrial buildings. The brand is well-known for its widest assortment of energy efficient, eco-friendly, beautiful and stylish garage access and openings. The company is the market leader for garage opening manufacturing in North America.

Best Garage Door Collections

Clopay offers the widest selection of different garage door openers today. There are three main factors that would mainly influence your choice of garage openings. You may choose the type according to its drive mechanism, power rating and motor type. There are different power rating for garage access systems which is 1/3 horsepower for most doors and ½ HP for heavier and larger doors. Belt drive mechanism is considered the quietest while you can also opt for more durable yet high maintenance options such as screw and chain drives. The motor type of the garage opening is usually AC powered but DC motors are likewise used for softer start and stop features. Commercial garage access and openings for this brand are likewise varied for heavy duty and day to day operations. There are extra features and accessories offered such as extra transmitters, keypads, lockout system, open door monitoring and work lights.

Collections of Garage Door from Clopay

The best thing about garage openings and products from this brand is that you have the luxury to choose in its largest portfolio. Some of the popular and highly preferred collections under this insignia include Canyon Ridge, Grand Harbor, Coachman, Classic, Cypress, Avante, Reserve and Classic Wood. Some of the collections are distributed in a limited series while others are semi-custom and with additional features such as the Ultra-Grain series. The qualities of the different branded garage openings in these collections include high end materials from natural wood to steel to aluminum metals. They also have insulated and energy efficient features perfect for contemporary and modern homes.

Clopay collaborates with equally trusted and established supplier for all garage openings and access systems – Garage Doors Solution. You can check out the wide selection of branded door openers and garage door accessories from their website for more information and detailed choices for residential and industrial needs.