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Rolling Steel and Sheet Doors

Here at Garage Door Solutions, we offer Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors solutions for commercial or industrial establishments here in Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. They come in a wide range of styles and colors that will surely fit whatever your preference is.

What are Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors?

Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors are metal slats interlocked to each other forming a continuous hinge that roll up in a tight coil and is attached to an overhead frame installed above the opening. These doors are also attached to guides along the sides. This allows it to move up or down freely. It also makes the door sturdy, avoiding sideway movements,

Why Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors?

Durable: Made only with high quality materials, all our products are proven durable. And with our highly skilled personnel, we guarantee that your garage doors are sturdily installed.

Easy to Install: Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors are also easy to install since they do not require additional structural items. And with our highly skilled personnel, your doors can be installed safely and quickly.

Aesthetically Appealing: Our Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors come in different colors. They are aesthetically appealing and can easily fit the building’s design and color.

Space Efficient: Since Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors roll up in a tight coil when opened, it does not take up so much space. That also makes it good in preventing hindrance or restriction to other components in the building.

Low Maintenance: Our Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. They do not require maintenance and are guaranteed to last long.

Why Garage Door Solutions?

With its high durability, advanced security and appealingly beautiful designs, our Rolling Steel & Sheet Doors are very good options for your commercial properties. So whether you need a door for your shop, mini storage or any other commercial purpose, our team of garage experts always has the solutions you need.