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Genie Garage Doors

Top Quality Garage Door Solutions for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Genie takes pride in its illustrious history to become one of the most trusted and renowned consumer brands in America. The garage door manufacturer and expert was founded in 1923. Since then, it has produced thousands of high quality door and garage access solutions for both commercial and residential properties. The company is undeniably a market leader which also opened retailing opportunities for dealers and installers. Through the years, the brand introduced top of the line and superb models and products added in its largest portfolio.

Garage Door for Residential Homes

Genie caters to a wide base of clientele and customers with its residential models and features. There are two important and main categories to choose from when looking for branded doors and garage access solutions from this company. You can choose models from its professional line which are dealer installed or you can opt for DIY or retail products and models. There are plenty of models under the Professional Line category for garage door solutions from this brand such as the TriloG 1500. This unit is known for its speed, convenience, intelligence and power featuring motion detection lighting for the ultimate security. The IntelliG 1200 unit is another noteworthy model with powerful, quiet and ultimately easy operation. The belt or chain drive is powered by ¾ HPc Power Plus feature and has dual 100-watt bulb bright lighting.

Garage Door for Commercial Properties

Garage door openers and models for industrial and commercial properties and buildings are likewise diverse. Genie made sure that they provide automatic door operators and garage access solutions with specially engineered features tailored for the commercial and industrial settings. The models and latest products in their portfolio are made with improved efficiency and convenient operation for day to day use. Some of the hoist emergency chain operators available for grilles or rolling doors include their standard to medium to heavy duty models. They also have jackshaft operators featuring release disconnect perfect for lift and vertical clearance, rolling doors and grilles. Trolley operators are also available with standard, medium and heavy duty trolleys to choose from.

High quality, secure and high performing garage door solutions are synonymous to the Genie brand with decades of service and production of world-class products to the industry then and now. You can check out other branded openers, accessories and access solutions from the brand’s reputable and trusted supplier Garage Door Solutions.