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Can Foundation Problems Damage a Garage Door?

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Millions of homeowners in today’s world are struggling with foundation problems. Although these problems can sometimes be neglected, they will gradually get worse over time. If a foundation problem is not assessed, homeowners could be forced to complete very expensive repairs in the future. Foundation problems can damage a home’s basement, cause floors to collapse, and make homes unsafe for living. Unfortunately, foundation problems can also cause damage to an individual’s garage. If your garage is having foundation problems, this will explain whether your garage door could become damaged.

Understanding Garage Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can be caused by poor construction practices, bad architectural plans, or environmental issues. If a home is not built on a strong foundation, it could start to crack and literally fall apart. Unfortunately, bad construction practices can sometimes make homeowners vulnerable to foundation problems. This is especially true in the garage. Before laying a concrete foundation, homes need an adequate amount of gravel and sand to support the new construction. It is also important for soil to be fully settled before starting construction. Unfortunately, builders often rush the construction process. This can cause foundation problems that homeowners are forced to fix themselves. Foundation problems can also be caused by a poor architectural plan.

Effect on the Garage Door

Foundation problems can cause a garage door to bend or break. This is especially true if foundational shifts are causing forces to laterally put pressure on the garage door. Even if the garage door does not break, the components that it is attached to often do. In extreme cases, foundation problems can also cause a garage door to shut unevenly. As a result, a homeowner’s property could be vulnerable to break-ins. Holes under the garage door could also make it easy for animals to enter your garage. This could cause severe damage if these animals choose to build a nest.

When You Should Be Concerned

Individuals should be concerned about foundation problems when they start to affect how a garage door operates. If the garage door is not able to completely shut, it is important to take action immediately. Homeowners can also implement preventive actions to reduce foundation issues before they become severe problems. If foundation problems in your garage are assessed early, it will be relatively simple to fix the problem. However, homeowners who wait will end up paying more in the long-run. Therefore, it is important to take action immediately if you start to see severe cracking or an uneven foundation.

Moving Forward

Taking care of foundation problems now can save you a great amount of money in the future. Professionals may be able to level your existing foundation to eliminate the necessity of replacing the entire garage. In some cases, it may even be possible to fix the root cause of your foundation problems. Even if the root problem cannot be solved, there are still preventive actions that you can take besides just waiting for your garage to collapse. However, the longer you wait the more it will cost to fix. Therefore, you should seek immediate professional help if you experience foundation problems in your garage.


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