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Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Leading the Garage Door Industry Since 1954

Wayne Dalton is the industry’s leader in producing high quality, safe and innovative garage door products in 1954. The company is a reputable figure in this niche with over five fruitful and impressive decades of offering the latest door and access solutions. With the length of time they have been in the business, the company is well-known for its craftsmanship, practical values and work ethics that reflect to its wide range of world-class products. Developing the newest and most innovative products, they have extended and expanded their portfolio to cater to a wider customer base.

Garage Door Features

The biggest database of garage door openers and other designs are featured from the manufacturer offering the most diverse models and products. Wayne Dalton takes pride in its variety of doors and access solutions with quality, style and seamless performance. There are various categories and types to choose from including doors with wood, designer fiberglass, specialty vinyl and classic steel features. You can also find the latest and most advanced designs such as carriage house steel and contemporary aluminum. These have all distinct features and highly advanced designs to cater to all types of door and access demands. The company is well-known for its models showcasing both functionality and aesthetics in one amazing package.

Commercial Doors Category

Wayne Dalton is proud to offer its complete and innovative line of commercial garage door models and products. The company introduces its Commercial Door Systems with products manufactured for virtually all types of application for commercial and industrial buildings. The innovative solutions from the company include its original invention of rolling steel service doors and polyurethane insulated sectional doors. It has made revolutionary changes to its original products to make sure that they cater to today’s clients and relevant demands and needs for security. The products in their portfolio are also inclusive of features made for interior and exterior doors. All models are guaranteed with excellent thermal values, high performing features, long life, high standard and superior strength. No wonder the company is now offering services and door solutions for both domestic and international clients.

Wayne Dalton continuously offers unmatched garage door solutions for all types of settings from residential to industrial and commercial properties. The best brands and models from this manufacturer are accessible at Garage Door Solutions today. Check the supplier database and product category to know more about door and access models from this brand.