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Scissor Gates

Add another layer of protection to your business without compromising its aesthetic value. Scissor Gates are very good additions to commercial establishments and residential buildings. It provides the needed protection wherever and whenever needed.

What are Scissor Gates?

Scissor Gates are a kind of security gate that is functional and light. It usually retracts sideways which makes it easier to fold. Because of these features, they are sometimes chosen for temporary use or for supplementary protection.

Why Scissor Gates?

Durable: Our gates are made only with the highest quality materials. They are made to last and withstand even harsh environments.

Convenient: They are very light and easy to operate, making it very convenient for any users.

Portable: Since they are light and very easy to operate, Scissor Doors can be moved to a different location if the need arises.

Flexible: Scissor Gates are very adaptable to any conditions and space requirements. They can be used for security purposes in stores, warehouse, driveways, etc. They can also function as traffic and pedestrian control units in commercial buildings and institutions.

Ventilation: Its open spaces offer allow the free flow of air to the establishment where it is installed. Indeed, it provides high protection matched with good ventilation.

Why Garage Door Solutions?

Garage Door Solutions has been in the market for over 25 years. We are committed in providing the best Garage Door products and services here and around Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. With us, you are guaranteed to receive high quality products, perfect and durable installations and excellent customer service.