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Amarr Garage Doors

Widest Range of Innovative & Eco-Friendly Doors

Amarr is proud of its 60-year tradition in offering aesthetically attractive and ultimately secured garage door solutions. The brand offers no less than only the highly performing and remarkably designed door and access features that passed and exceeded industry standards. There are innumerable models and accessories for garage door openers to choose from. Why do more and more clients and customers prefer this brand? From its inception in 1951, the company carried on its tradition of producing highest value doors and now blended with advanced technologies and features.

Styles and Design of Amarr Garage Door

Diversity is one of the top qualities and trademark of the brand. In its manufacturing of thousands of garage access and door features and models, the company has increased its style and design category. You can easily pick which design and theme you want to install and invest on your property today. There are various categories of doors and garage solutions offered including the Carriage Style, Traditional Style, Specialty Style and doors made from steel and wood materials. For the Carriage Style doors, models available include Bob Timberlake, Biltmore, Oak Summit, Hillcrest and Classica. You can also opt for by design features which allow you to personalize and customize your garage access according to your style and home. Traditional Style category offers striking panel designs, window openings and varied base colors. Some of the models included Heritage with heavy-duty design and low-maintenance steel features.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficiency

Amarr takes pride in its high quality garage opening solutions with unique and high quality designs. Most importantly, it offers contemporary clients its wide range of energy efficient and eco-friendly units. They have insulated garage door units that could significantly reduce the air transfer and flow from outside to your home interiors. This type of garage opening feature is likewise for convenience and comfort since the temperature inside the house is well-regulated and maintained. Most importantly, it helps you reduce your electricity and utility bills through keeping your air conditioning or heating system in constant range. The brand is highly recommended for its R-value or thermal resistance features to guarantee energy efficient quality.

There are other world-class and top of the line models and products under the Amarr insignia. You can check garage door products and models at Garage Door Solutions to explore your different choices on fully-featured, safe and stylish garage openings and access for unique homes.