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Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Garage Doors

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Automatic garage door offers convenience but just like any other modern convenience, it has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Learning about the pros and cons can be helpful if you are thinking of upgrading your garage door from manual to automatic.The Pros & Cons of Automatic Garage Doors:


Automatic Garage Door Advantages

Having an automatic garage door will give you the following advantages:

  • The prime advantage of an automatic garage door is the lesser effort it requires to open and close. The use of a remote control in its operation won’t require you from getting out of the car when entering or leaving your garage.
  • It can be operated even if your hands are full like holding the groceries.
  • With Automatic Garage Door lock features, you do not have to install additional locks or security systems to keep burglars and thieves from entering.
  • There are lesser chances of injuries and accidents since you do not have to get in contact with the garage door just to operate it.


Automatic Garage Door Disadvantages

There are a few downsides in the use of garage doors, including:

  • The installation process requires the help of a professional garage door technician in order for it to be accurate and efficient.
  • Automatic garage doors are more costly than manual garage doors.
  • Automatic garage doors require regular maintenance and checkup which costs money. This means that the expenses do not end upon installation.
  • They are also more complex to clean since you also need to polish internal parts like springs and bolts to avoid the accumulation of rust.
  • Automatic garage door repairs can be costly especially when some parts need to be replaced.


Despite the disadvantages, most homeowners prefer automatic garage doors for reasons of convenience. If you are thinking of installing an automatic garage door, be sure to contract a reliable technician to do the job.


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