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Increasing Garage Security: Ways to Prevent Break-Ins

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Burglaries happen almost every day in the Dallas, Texas area. In some cases, thieves bust into the garage and get into the house. A lot of YouTube videos show how easy it is to get into a garage in seconds without causing too much noise or catching the attention of neighbors. With such risk, it is very important to increase the garage security in order to protect your home or business.


Here are some ways you can amplify your garage security:

  • Don’t leave your garage door remote control in your car. Thieves can break in and get a hold of the remote control gaining easy access to your garage.
  • Make sure that the door connecting your garage and home is as secure as your front door. Make it a habit to lock it from inside your home if you are going out. It is never much of an inconvenience to use a key to enter your house every time you come home.
  • Make sure that the garage door has no extensive physical damage that can easily be busted open. Check for corrosions in the door and its frames.
  • Ensure that your garage door don’t have internal damage that can make it easy to open from the outside.
  • Lock the throw latch on your garage door if you are going out of town. In the absence of a manual lock, a c-clamp tightened down on each side of the door can be used.
  • Cover or frost the windows of your garage door. It will prevent crooks from seeing the insides of your garage. If they see that your car is not inside, it will give them the idea that you are not around.
  • You can also add security features to your garage doors like CCTV security cameras or alarm systems that will get the attention of the neighbors or cops when a thief attempts to enter.


Going the extra mile for your home and family’s security is always worth it. Apart from these tips, you can also consult with your garage door technician on other ways to improve your garage security for either your home or business.


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