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My Garage Door is Bowing in the Center

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Many homeowners will have the unfortunate experience of noticing that their garage door is bowed in the center. This can result in an unsightly aesthetic look to the garage door as well as the potential to impact the condition of the home and even the health and well-being of others. Generally, this means that the garage door is weakened in specific areas, and the structural integrity of the garage door cannot be trusted until the problem is remedied.

What Causes a Garage Door to Bow

There are several factors that may cause a garage door to bow in the center. In some cases, basic exposure to the elements along with temperature fluctuations may result in bowing. In other cases, the weight of the garage door in conjunction with an automatic garage door that is attached to the center of the door may be the cause of bowing. Generally, wooden garage doors may be more likely to bow due to weather-related conditions, but all garage doors may be prone to bowing due to a centralized garage door opener.

The Dangers of a Bowed Garage Door

When a garage door is bowed, generally it may not fit properly in the rails located at the sides of the garage door. This problem may seem mild initially, and you may continue to raise and lower the garage door with only moderate resistance. However, as the problem becomes more significant, the pressure placed on the rails due to the bowing garage door may result in the inability to raise or lower the door. The rails could also potentially give way, and this could result in a safety concern for anyone within close proximity of the garage door. Keep in mind that this type of damage to a noticeable feature on the front of the home may also be an eyesore that detracts from curb appeal.

How to Fixed a Bowed Garage Door

The solution to fixing a bowed garage door relates to its cause. If the problem is due to the garage door opener, installing garage door struts can be a simple and affordable solution. If the problem is due to weather-related warping, replacing the panel is one option. In some cases, the panel may be removed and sanded until the warp is no longer visible. Generally, it is best to allow a garage door repair technician to complete all of the required repair work on a garage door. This is because these doors are very heavy, and some of the features are installed under intense pressure. These factors make it rather dangerous for unskilled or untrained individuals without the proper tools to complete the repair work.

If you have noticed signs that your garage door is bowing, you can reach out to a repair specialists for a consultation. The technician can inspect the door to determine what the cause is and to recommend a solution for repairing it. By making this call today, your issue with a bowing garage door can soon be a problem of the past.


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