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What to Do When the Bar Connecting Your Opener to the Door Fails

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Garage doors are frequently subjected to stress that can quickly cause wear and tear on key parts and components. The rails and rollers, springs and even the connecting bar that allows the garage door motor to operate can suffer from a variety of mechanical issues and problems. Exposure to the elements, improper operation and even heavy use and accidents may all create problems that may negatively impact the operation of your garage door. Professional repairs, equipment replacement and even upgrade and installation services may all be required in order to ensure your door will provide convenient and dependable operation without compromising the security of your household.

Failure of the Connecting Bar

The bar connecting your garage door motor to the door is an essential component, one that will be required in order to ensure proper opening, closing and operation of your garage door. Should the bar fracture due to stress or corrosion, should there be an issue with the bolts and other connective hardware that holds it in place and maintains proper alignment or should it come off completely, arranging for professional repair services is often the wisest way to approach the situation. Attempting to repair the bar yourself may place additional stress on other components or compromise the security and proper operation of your door.

Repair Options and Equipment Upgrades

Professional repairs make use of superior equipment options and utilize the skills and training of a technician able to ensure quality results. While issues with a connecting bar may be limited to a single component or the result of damage caused by an accident, they may also indicate systemic problems with your entire system. Repairing damaged or worn components can often be done for much less cost that the purchase and installation of a new door or opener, but some garage doors will require equipment upgrades or complete replacements in order to ensure owners enjoy the best value. A professional assessment of the state and working condition of your garage door will provide you with the insight and information needed to make the right choice.

Doing Business with the Best

The best repair services and equipment solutions are not always available to clients who elect to make use of lesser services. Repairs performed by highly skilled experts, service appointments that can be made with greater convenience and the assistance of professionals who have earned a reputation for providing superior work and customer satisfaction are all key concerns for owners who find themselves dealing with a mechanical issue or equipment problem. Doing business with the best service will allow you to ensure that your garage door is able to provide dependable operation, convenient access to your home and greater security for your entire household. Problems with key components, such as the connecting bar that allows you opener to lift your garage door, may be a sign of other problems. Arranging for professional repairs and inspection of your equipment will allow you to keep your door in working order with greater ease and convenience.


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