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What are Possible Reasons for a Wheel to Pop?

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A problem many garage door owners have faced is the wheels popping when the garage door is opened. Whether the rollers fully come off the track or whether the problem is a less serious but still annoying grinding or popping noise as the door is raised, owners will want to promptly identify and fix the issue. There can be a few causes and some cheap and easy solutions.


The first thing to do when a garage door has a wheel or roller that is popping off the track is to make sure the problem actually originates from the rollers and not from the door itself. A bent garage door section or a loose hinge can cause problems when opening or closing the door. Likewise, the automatic opener may be the source of the issue, which will likely necessitate a visit from an actual technician.

If the door and opener pass inspection, then carefully check the track itself for any bent, dirty, or damaged areas. The area where the wheel is coming out is the most likely culprit. Disengaging the automatic opener and gently raising the garage door manually may also yield some clues as to the location of the problem. If it turns out to be a bent garage door track, taking a hammer and gently pounding the track back into the correct position may be all that is needed. If embedded debris are causing the issue, cleaning the track may be an even easier solution. However, it is wise to always be very careful when working on a garage door, as they are heavy and can be dangerous. Always disengage the automatic opener prior to doing any work on the track.


If the track is intact, it may be the rollers themselves that are the problem. They may need to be cleaned or oiled to restore them to working order. If applying lubricant and cleaning them doesn’t solve the problem, the damaged wheels should be switched out completely. Old and worn rollers can be replaced fairly easily, with the exception of the bottom roller, which is the most dangerous to replace and may require the help of a pro. Safety tips for roller repair include fully opening the garage door prior to starting work, disengaging the automatic opener, and placing a clamp on the track about halfway down. Having a assistant available to help move and lift the door is also advised.


These simple maintenance and do-it-yourself measures can save an owner money and aggravation. A malfunctioning garage door is not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous. Taking early steps to fix any problems is key to avoiding larger issues down the line.


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