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How to Fix a Broken Remote, Even After Trying Fresh Batteries

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Even after attempting to change the batteries several times, you may find that your garage door remote refuses to work. Unfortunately, this can make it very inconvenient to use your garage door. You may need to use the keypad or manually pull the garage door open. As a result, you should probably look for a quick solution to solving this problem. This will provide some advice for individuals who are experiencing a garage door remote that refuses to work.

Do an Online Search

In today’s world, answers to just about any problem can be found by doing a simple online search. Since millions of homeowners probably have the same remote that you have, there will be hundreds of posts by other people experiencing the same issues. You should browse through these online posts to see if solutions have been found to your problem. In some cases, you may simply need to reprogram your remote. When batteries are removed, the internal memory within your remote could get wiped. As a result, a solution as simple as reprogramming the remote could easily solve your problem. Checking online can reveal answers to common issues like these.

Contact Customer Support

Most remote manufacturers want to ensure that customers are satisfied. When customers are satisfied, they will return to make another purchase at a later date. As a result, you can take advantage of this by asking the manufacturer’s support team for assistance. Most reputable manufacturers will be delighted to help you find a solution to your problem. If you do not know how to contact the manufacturer, do a simple online search. Most garage door remote manufacturers offer support through email, live chat, and over the phone. Get in contact with the company to see if they can help you to solve your problem.

Talk to a Technician That You Trust

Unfortunately, the customer support representative at the company might not have an answer. Problems can sometimes occur that are difficult to solve. As a result, you should consider talking to a technician that you trust. A person well-versed in electronics might know how to diagnose the problem. You could also consider talking to a technician at the company that originally installed your garage door opener. These companies will also be willing to help in most situations. Like remote manufacturers, garage door installation companies are constantly looking for ways to satisfy their customers.

Get a Replacement Under the Warranty

If you have only owned your remote for a couple of years, it is very likely that you can get a free replacement. After unsuccessfully working with the company’s customer support team, the next step is to send it back. The details of your warranty will be explained in the literature that was included with your garage door remote. If you do not have this documentation, it is usually available in PDF format on the manufacturer’s website. Before sending the remote in, you should make sure that you notify the company that your package should be arriving soon.


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