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Is Your Garage Door Opener Broken and in Need of Replacement?

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If you’ve owned a house for any period of time, chances are fairly likely that after a while, your garage door opener will begin working improperly. Additionally, it’s not all that uncommon that at some point, it will need a complete replacement.

The Average Life of a Residential Garage Door Opener
According to research from Utah State University, most garage door openers have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. Through proper maintenance, the lifespan may last a little while longer.

However, the main reason why garage door openers begin to fail and work improperly before their 10 year lifespan is because of a lack of lubrication on the:

  • Motor gears
  • Tension springs
  • Chain mechanism
  • Roller wheels and tracks

The Average Cost to Replace a Residential Garage Door Opener
The cost of replacing a garage door opener is varied based upon whether it’s self-installed or professionally installed.

If you want to save money on replacing your garage door opener, you can do so by installing it yourself. The average low-end cost for a garage door opener is $149, with the average high-end cost being $235.

Professionally installed:
If you’re unable or unsure of how to install a garage door opener, the average professional labor rate ranges from $61 – $106 for a two hour installation appointment.

Additional materials:
Besides the new garage door opener and the time and labor to install it, you’ll need the following additional items:

  • Corrosion resistant fasteners
  • Flashing and exterior grade caulking
  • Weather stripping and sealants

The average cost for these items ranges from $20 – $25.

Total Cost of Garage Door Replacement

Self installed:
$169 – $260 (opener, additional materials, and tools)

Professionally installed:
$230 – $336 (opener, labor, additional materials, and tools)

Keep in mind that the costs listed above are for one garage door opener. If you have multiple doors and openers, the cost will go up based on how many openers you have to replace.

Factors Affecting the Cost:
The factors affecting the cost of a new garage door opener typically fall within the categories of style and power.

Chain-driven opener:
Chain-driven is the cheaper style of openers, although its biggest drawback is the noise it makes during operation.

Belt-driven opener:
Belt-driven is the more expensive style of openers, with its quieter operation acting as its biggest feature attraction.

Screw-driven opener:
Screw-driven openers typically require the least amount of maintenance due to their lack of multiple moving parts.

Most garage door openers are 1/2 horse power, with some ranging a bit higher, depending on the size, weight, and desired speed of opening and closing the door.


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