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Life Expectancy of a Garage Door

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Garage doors need to have both form and function. After all, they serve the dual purpose of keeping your home attractive while keeping your possessions safe. However, just like anything else in your home, a garage door will need regular maintenance and eventual replacement.

How long will a garage door last
Garage doors aren’t cheap, so it’s natural that homeowners want their investment to last. However, this question actually has to be divided between the garage door and the garage door opener. The garage door itself, depending on what materials it’s constructed out of, can be expected to last upwards of 30 years. The garage door opener, perhaps the more important piece of equipment, will frequently only last 10-15 years.

How can I extend the life of my garage door?
Garage doors aren’t really thought about until something goes wrong. Thankfully, with preventative maintenance, the life of both the door and opener can be greatly extended. A yearly inspection is ideal so that parts can be cleaned and oiled. Additionally, call a professional if you notice anything weird with the door. Remember, a small repair is much cheaper than replacing the whole unit.

When it is time to get a new garage door?
A garage door and garage door opener generally show signs of wear and tear telling you that it’s time they are replaced. It’s important to note that replacement of these parts are not a simple weekend project; this is work that should only be carried out by a professional. There is a literal risk of loss of life and limb during the replacement process.

Thanks to teen drivers, bad weather, and age, garage doors can start to sag, warp, rot, and break. If your door has significant damage from an accident or age, then it’s time for a replacement.

The garage door opener, on the other hand, goes through a lot of stress as it raises and lowers the door again and again. Warning signs to look for include odd sounds, difficulty raising the door, failure of safety features, or an unbalanced garage door. Additionally, it’s important to consider how old your garage door opener is. Since 1993, new safety regulations have taken effect. Specifically, older door openers might not have eye or resistance sensors that stop and reverse the door if an obstruction is detected. If your opener doesn’t have these safety features, it needs to be replaced right away to prevent injury to yourself, pets, or any children.


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