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My Garage Door is Making a Horrible Noise when it Opens, or Closes

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A garage door that makes terrible noises when it is being used indicates that something is not quite right. There could be potential danger or hazards that must be addressed. Being aware of the situation can help people know what to do next.

Indentify the Location
It can be easy to jump to conclusions and possible fixes in what to do when a garage door makes terrible sounds. Before going any further, take time and identify where the problem is located. The problem could be coming from the door itself. The sound could be coming from the garage opener. There is a big difference between having a garage door sound and having a garage opener sound. Although it may be difficult, try to find out where the sound is coming from. Once the source has been found, it is be easier to respond to it.

Garage Door Grease and Lubrication Options
One of the reasons why a garage door is making terrible sounds when opening or closing could pertain to bearings or parts that need to be greased or lubricated. When doing this, be sure that the lubricant does not have a silicon base. The reason for this is that a silicon base can dry out parts instead of keeping them properly lubricated. There are special lubrication kits that are available to keep garage door parts working properly at affordable prices. There is a belief among some that the roller tracks need to be oiled in order to work. However, this can cause much more harm than good. The oil can cause the door to slip and cause more damage than good. Instead, try wiping down the tracks with brake cleaner. This can help the tracks stay clean (1).

Garage Opener Options
A garage opener can be trickier than the garage door itself. There are plenty of gears, sprockets and other items that may be faulty. While it is understandable to be frustrated with this, keep in mind that the garage opener has received frequent use and constant wear and tear each day. There will be a time that specific parts need to be replaced. On the other hand, noises that come from the opener may indicate that it is time for a new unit. If there is terrible sounds that are coming from a garage opener, resist the temptation to open up the box and try to find out the problem. Again, it is admirable for homeowners to want to figure out the problem themselves, but a garage opener is different from a garage door. A garage door may need to be lubricated, but a garage opener has delicate parts that can be very temperamental. A professional technician is the best option when there are garage opener noises (2).

When handled correctly, garage door sounds do go away. A garage door technician is the best option when there are terrible noises coming from a garage. The results of professional work done can be quiet indeed.


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