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What to do when/if Your Garage Door Opens and Closes on its Own

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It can be frustrating when a garage door opens and closes on its own. This type of problem occurs more frequently than one may believe. While it is certainly understanding for people to get upset about that type of situation, a few things can be done.

Potential Causes
A garage door that opens or shuts on its own is not a random act that just happens. Instead, there is a reason and a purpose that can be explained. One of the first potential causes for such a problem pertains to the circuit board. Then again, it may be that part of the wiring is off. A garage opener may need to be reprogrammed. A fuse may need to be replaced in order for it to work as it should (1). Another cause could refer to something that is related with the sensors at the bottom of the garage door. If there is a small item that is in front of a sensor, the garage door will not go down completely. A piece of spider web that is attached to the bottom of the garage door may interfere with the garage door shutting completely.

Home Impact
A garage door that opens and closes on its own can be a potentially dangerous situation because no one knows when the unit will be in operation. When the weather is nice, people like to be outdoors and use their garage to hold gardening supplies and lawn equipment. An unpredictable garage door can shut people out when they are working outside. It can be easy to leave equipment inside a garage or on the ground. If the door opens or closes unexpectedly while there is equipment lying around, it has the potential of harming the garage door, the tools, a vehicle or even the building itself. In addition to this, an unpredictable garage door is dangerous for children. It has the potential of trying to close on a child. While sensors can add a level of protection, parents certainly do not want to take that type of chance with their children.

Professional Assistance
It is admirable that homeowners want to fix up their homes as much as they can. However, a garage door is a different matter. The unit itself can be massive and there are many unpredictable things about it that people do not understand. While looking at sensors and occasionally lubricating parts is great, trying to take the garage door motor apart or tinkering with the garage door opener can be a problem. Good intentions are indeed good, but they can cause many additional and expensive problems. A professional technician knows what he or she is looking for when repairing a garage door. Not only that, but the technician puts a high emphasis on safety for himself or herself and the customer as well. If there is an issue with a garage door, the best thing to do is to go with a professional who will fix it correctly and safely.


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