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The Spring on my Garage Door is Broken

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Overhead garage doors are raised and lowered in large part by effort made by the springs. The springs are made out of highly durable, thick steel, and they use the principle of torsion to achieve results. While garage doors may be made out of lighter or heavier material, the fact is that the springs must withstand a considerable amount of weight in order for the garage doors to raise and lower. The pressure placed on these springs in order to accomplish the goal of raising and lowering heavy garage doors is considerable. Because of this, the springs are prone to breaking from time to time. When springs break, they can eject forcefully and loudly. The force may result in damage to your property or even harm to yourself or loved ones.

Why You Should Replace a Spring Quickly
Without functional springs in the garage door apparatus, the fact is that the garage door simply will not work properly. Some springs may break when the garage door is in an upward position, and this may leave your home and belongings exposed and not secured. Other springs may break when the garage door is in a lower position, and you may not be able to raise the garage door to access your personal belongings stored in the garage. You may also not be able to get your vehicle into or out of the garage. Clearly, these are challenges that most do not want to contend with, so garage door springs should be replaced quickly.

The Average Cost and Time
In most cases, replacing both garage door springs at the same time is recommended even when one spring remains in decent condition. When one spring is worn out, there is a good chance that the other one may also be in poor condition and may be prone to breaking soon. The average cost to repair a single spring is approximately $100 to $150 for the spring alone, plus the cost of labor if you choose to have a professional assist you. A professional may complete this task in a few hours, but it may take a do-it-yourself homeowner a considerably longer period of time.

The Importance of Professional Repair Services
When the springs are installed, they are under a considerable amount of pressure. They must be carefully installed in order to keep yourself and others who are standing nearby safe. The process can be dangerous, and even some professionals who have completed this project numerous times in the past have been injured replacing garage door springs. In addition, the weight of the garage door adds to the complication of completing this project. Generally, this is a rather affordable project to outsource to a professional, and it is safer and faster to have a professional do the work for you.

When your garage door spring is broken, you may notice the telltale signs when you inspect the garage door from the interior. While you may complete this work on your own, keep in mind that it is rather affordable and significantly more advantageous to allow a professional to complete the work for you.


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