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The Wheels Came off of My Garage Door

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Garage door wheels are seldom thought about until a problem arises. They are attached to the roller pins, which are attached to the door panels. As the door rises or lowers, the wheels roll in aluminum tracks on either side. There are signs that problems are developing with the wheels; by conducting regular inspections, you can recognize them and prevent expensive repairs.

Signs Of Wheel Trouble

One of the easiest signs to recognize is that a wheel has jumped out of the aluminum track. Other signs may not be as obvious. Open and close the garage door manually and watch for any of the following signs.

• A wheel that wobbles in the track.
• The door opens or closes roughly or unevenly.
• The door panels seem to have a bowed appearance as the wheels pass certain points in the track.
• A sticking or hard to close door.
• Missing or broken wheels.

The Danger Of A Broken Wheel

If a broken or missing wheel is allowed to continue without repair, it could irreparably damage the door. Door panels can warp, necessitating replacement. If the particular door panels are no longer manufactured, the entire door may need replacement. Other dangers can cause damage to the door, tracks or the user.

• The aluminum track could warp beyond being repairable.
• The door could break down entirely; it may not open any more.
• The added stress on the springs could cause them to wear out or break.
• If the door jams, trying to use force to lift the door could cause a panel to break and hit the person or the force could pull back or arm muscles.

Why Call A Professional

Although many websites today advocate repairing garage door wheels as a DIY project, they seldom are. If a wheel has come out of the track, there is a reason behind it. That reason needs to be found and corrected to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

It is seldom as easy as popping the wheel back in the track. If the track is bent, the door panel is warped or rotted; the wheel will not stay in the track. The correct wheel must be purchased such as vinyl, steel, wheels with bearings and it must be the right size for the door.

A technician will evaluate the wheel, track and door panels as well as the other components. After the evaluation, he or she will explain the needed repair and the process of fixing it. Technicians carry most parts for garage doors, so you can be assured the correct parts are used. Professional garage door companies often warranty their work, so if issues arise, the technician will return at no cost. Homeowner insurance companies commonly do not advocate or reimburse DIY projects or repairs. Instead, they trust the work of professionals.

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