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The Cables on the Side of my Garage Door Have Come off

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The cables on the door are a very important part of the assembly. If not corrected, the garage door can cause injury when operated, expose the home to vulnerabilities, and can cause the garage door to stop working altogether. These are the most common problems people experience when garage door cable problems occur.

When the garage door cables break

The garage door remote may appear to not be working, but once it has been re-programmed there may still be problems. One may start to notice that one side of the garage door is hanging down a little. Other may notice that it snaps altogether out of a sudden. If this has to be removed and replaced, there are a series of steps required in order to complete the repair process. The tension has to be released and the cables have to be added. Springs have to be removed and may even have to be replaced along with the cables. If the problem is too limited, springs, safety cables, rollers and all of the parts may end up having to be replaced.

What problems are homeowners facing?

A chain may become loose and start to hang low. The sprocket may become damaged and cause them to hang. Another problem is that the garage door cables can become broken. If the cables become frayed gradually over time, the cables will usually break in time. Cables lead to damage to a wall or a vehicle. Although this is rare, garage door cables can become tangled and fail to coil properly. Cables eventually become rusty, which leads to fraying. The garage cables could be causing issues because the door wasn’t installed properly or the design assembly could be lacking.

Problems to watch for

There are some things one can look for when trying to identify a potential problem with the garage door cables. A cable that is broken will appear to be unbalanced. One side may lift a little bit higher on one side of the garage door. The door may start to open slower than usual. The door may stop opening altogether. You will also notice that a cord starts to hang off of the drums.

Garage door cables are very dangerous to replace independently. People can easily become injured when replacing frayed, damaged or snapped cables. If they are serviced annually, one can prevent garage doors from becoming damaged. Replacing aging parts like damaged garage door cables is a normal part of the replacement process.


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